NuPlus Piña Banana Fluffy Gluten Free 1-2-3 Pancakes!

Our Fluffy NuPlus Piña Banana Pancakes are gluten free and easy as 1-2-3!


The problem with regular pancakes:

Most homemade pancake recipes and boxed mixes are made with processed, bleached white flour, chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial sweetners, preservatives, colors, flavors and dyes. They have zero nutrition! That means they have nothing your body needs, wants or can use.


Why we only eat Sunrider inspired NuPlus Pancakes:

NuPlus Pina Banana Pancakes Super delicious Super Food!

NuPlus Piña Banana Pancakes Super delicious Super Food!

I love NuPlus 1-2-3 pancakes because even though they only have 3 simple ingredients, they are chocked full of whole plant nutrition. NuPlus is specially formulated to preserve and enhance the “life force” and live enzymes in plants.   So these pancakes, and anything else made with NuPlus, are rich in the essential nutrients your body needs at breakfast to heal your body and fuel your day.   Finally fresh whole bananas and pineapples contain many compounds that foster great health – see the end of this post for more info!

Why We LOVE NuPlus Piña Banana Pancakes!

The flavors are Out of Sight Delicious.  NuPlus Piña Banana pairs well with the whole banana and aromatic nutmeg for a sweet, spicy tropical treat! Try topping them with my homemade NuPlus Pineapple compote for a rich sweet-tart finish.

So without further delay – Here’s our super easy 1-2-3 Recipe!


Place banana, eggs, NuPlus Piña Banana and nutmeg in a blender. Blend on medium speed until smooth.

Heat a large nonstick skillet or griddle over medium-low heat. Drop an ice-cream scoop portion of the batter onto the griddle and cook until edges are golden brown and top bubbles – then turn. Approximately, 1 to 2 minutes per side.

Note: If using a regular skillet or griddle, melt 1 tablespoon butter in the skillet before cooking the pancakes. Add additional butter if needed between batches, about 1 tablespoon more.
From Food Network Kitchen

Can I make this recipe without NuPlus?

Remember, NuPlus is a concentrated Super Food. So yes, you could make these pancakes without NuPlus. However, you’d lose all the nutrition that NuPlus packs and your body needs.
Serve with my fresh, sugar free NuPlus Pineapple compote.

A Banana a Day & a Pineapple too:

Huffington Post Health benefits of Bananas

ABC News Bananas Essential for Moms-to-Be

Medical News Today Health Benefits of Pineapples


Check out these links for more recipes and brunch ideas:

NuPlus Flourless Sweet Potato Pancakes

NuPlus Flourless Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sunrider Super Food Series: NuPlus Flourless Sweet Potato Pancakes©  Natural Earth Herbs

I love, love, love to eat really good food. Whether it’s five star dining or a neighbor’s garden party, I love to indulge in delicious food. However, I’m now on a mission to eliminate fibroids naturally. That means I am determined to live and eat as God intended. No more processed, fried, over-cooked, over-sauced, high fat, sugar dense cooking. These methods mask the natural beauty, texture and flavors of plants and herbs. They also rob our bodies of the vital nutrients God gave us to naturally nourish, heal and replenish our

So I’ve gone back to the traditions of my southern parents who lived on farms, ate very little meat and seasoned their foods with herbs, spices and extracts that they grew and knew. I do not use white flour. Instead I have found tons of healthier substitutes that my body loves.  I turned to my own garden and realized that with Sunrider, I could have the best culinary experience right at my fingertips!

Here’s one of the first recipes I created about 2 years ago. I served it at a recent mid-week brunch for a few of my BFFs. (Yes, we decided to play hookie from work). I turned my backyard garden into a mini spa and we just chilled. I set up cool vaporizers all around and had Sunbreeze oil wafting through my home, garden and by the pool.NuPlus Flourless Sweet Potato Pancakes

As for Brunch we dined on some of the most delightful sweet potato pancakes in the world! Yes, the sweet potatoes are from my garden. Sweet Potatoes are packed with Beta Carotene and vitamin A. They have tons of health benefits. And of course NuPlus is Sunrider’s super food!

So here’s the recipe for my Flourless NuPlus Sweet Potato Pancakes.


  • 2 Packets of NuPlus Apple Cinnamon
  • 1 Packet Quinary Powder
  • 3/4 pound sweet potatoes
  • 1 1/2 cups FLOUR SUBSTITUTES*
  • 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  •  1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • ½ teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • 2 Large eggs (or egg whites), beaten
  • 1 1/2 cups Almond, Rice or Coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 to 2 drops of Sunrider Sunny Dew

Prep 10 m

Cook 15 m

Ready In 45 m

  1. Place sweet potatoes in a medium saucepan of boiling water. Allow potatoes to boil about 15 minutes. Pierce with fork – potatoes should be tender but firm. Transfer potatoes to cold water to loosen skins. Drain, remove skins and mash. Remove any strings and beat until smooth.
  2. In a medium bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, salt, spice, nutmeg.
  3. Add 2 packs NuPlus Apple Cinnamon
  4. Mix mashed sweet potatoes, eggs, milk substitute and oil in a separate medium bowl. Blend sweet potato mixture into the flour mixture to form a batter.
  5. Add 1-2 drops of Sunny Dew to taste.
  6. Preheat a lightly greased griddle over medium-high heat. Drop batter mixture onto the prepared griddle by heaping tablespoonfuls. Let cook until golden edges become brown and the surface begins to bubble.   Turning once with a spatula.

We topped our pancakes with homemade pear preserves – my grandmother’s recipe. You can also top with fresh preserves berries, fresh apple-berry compote or molasses.


My White Flour substitutes for Perfect Pancakes:

Almond Flour (gluten free)

Buckwheat Flour (gluten and wheat-free)

Cornmeal (blue and yellow) gluten free

Quinoa Flour (gluten free) – contains twice the protein of rice or corn

Teff Flour

This Washington Post: More Healthful Baking with White Flour Alternatives shares some amazing information healthy alternatives to White Flour.

Click here to learn more about why white flour and gluten are unhealthy – especially for women with fibroids.


Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes: Want to learn more?  Check out the following –

California Sweet Potatoes – One Super Food

Pinterest: Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts Pinterest

ABC News – African Sweet Potatoes

Dr. Axe Sweet Potato Nutrition Facts PLUS Benefits –


NuPlus® Naturally Plain™ 10 Packs (0.52 oz./15 g each bag)

NuPlus® Apple Cinnamon are packed with nutrients for super food pancakes

Calli Night & SunBreeze Essential Oil: Perfect Sleep

Natural Earth Herbs Sleep Series:  Sleep Better – Awake Refreshed with Calli Night and SunBreeze Essential Oil©  by Natural Earth Herbs

NEH Buddah

Calli Night, SunBreeze Essential Oil: restful mind, healthy body, better sleep.

Today’s society runs on a 24-hour fast-paced, competitive cycle.  Teens and adults alike are pressured to work harder, longer hours.  Our minds are plugged into smart-phones, computers, tablets, TVs and other devices that bombard us with “stuff” non-stop.  We’re also plugged into the lives and issues of people around the world.   Most of us are not resting, relaxing or getting the sleep that our body’s desperately need.  Others, who do take occasional vacations or maintain regular sleep schedules, often go to bed worried or stressed about the days events.  Some state that they often fall asleep with their TV or mobile devices tuned to the news or other programming that is not does not allow the mind to quiet and rest.  Many admit that they do not sleep well and do not awake feeling refreshed or restored.

Studies have consistently shown (and most people know) that REM sleep each night promotes overall physical health, proper cellular functioning, immune defense, longer life, brain health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.  American Psychological Association: Strengthen your brain by resting It.   So why is this problem so prevalent?  Chronic sleep deprivation is actually a nasty cycle that feeds on itself.   Sleep deprivation lowers focus and slows performance thus causing people to work harder, put in longer hours in an attempt to catch up or overcompensate.  It has also given rise to the mass consumption of foods and beverages loaded with high levels caffeine, high fructose corn syrup and other harmful stimulants.  These stimulants are designed to keep us up and anxious.  The body was not designed to operate like this.

Over time insufficient sleep, poor sleep and non REM sleep and poor diets will cause the body and mind to deteriorate.  It is not surprising that these poor rest patterns and poor diets have also been linked to various physical ailments and serious medical illnesses, including:

  • Heart Failure
  • Obseity
  • Stroke
  • High Blood pressure
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Mental Impairment
  • Growth retardation of the fetus and children
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Depression, Mood Disorders and other Psychiatric and emotional issues
  • Poor quality of life

ABC World News: We’re Not Sleeping and It’s Literally Killing Us

Studies show an increased mortality risk for those reporting less than either six or seven hours per night.  Another recent study found that it may lead to a greater mortality risk than smoking, high blood pressure, and heart disease. All animals require sleep to restore, refresh and heal the mind, body and spirit.    Web MD Chronic Sleep Deprivation May Harm Health

So be aware of how many hours of sleep a night you need to feel rested and alert.  Supplement your night time regimen with short naps of 15–30 minutes if possible.

60 Minutes Science of Sleep  – Why is Sleep so Vital?:

Benefits of Calli Night,  SunBreeze Essential Oil:  Perfect for a Good Night’s Sleep! 

Calli Night and SunBreeze Essential Oil & Balm are part of Sunrider’s Philosophy of Regeneration.  They work wonderfully together to center and soothe  the vital chi energy in the body’s five major systems.  The herbs in Calli Night and SunBreeze calm the mind, body and spirit  provide a safe, easy way, all natural way to help induce total relaxation.  This is also the ideal state for the body to cleanse and heal itself,

NEH tea on bed

Calli Night restores the body while you sleep.

Start by brewing a cup of Sunrider all-natural Calli Night.  Calli Night is a soothing herbal beverage that works wonders before bedtime.   Like the other Calli tea flavors, Calli Night is formulated with an all natural blend of powerful, organic, whole food botanicals like Camellia Leaf (used to make green tea) Perilla (mint plant used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine)  and Imperate Root.  It also includes Passion Flower, Ho-Shou Wu Root, Jujube Seed, Poria (Poria Cocos), Sage Root, Rose Hips and Winter Melon Seed to calm and balance the nervous system.  Next Calli Night’s proprietary blend of antioxidants cleanses, nourishes and heals the body of the ravaging effects of prolonged sleep deprivation.  The soothing formula also promotes a sound, restorative night’s sleep.



SunBreeze  Essential Oil and SunBreeze Balm: For added relaxation, we also recommend that you soothe SunBreeze Essential Oil or Balm on your neck or muscles.  SunBreeze Essential Oil  contains cooling menthol, camphor, Eucalyptus and Cassia Oil (Chinese Cinnamon). SunBreeze helps you unwind and eases your mind into a  calm, peaceful state.  SunBreeze Essential Oil is also perfect for aromatherapy.  Simply rub SunBreeze Oil or Balm in the palms of your hands and inhale the soothing botanicals or place a few drops on your linens for deeper relaxation while you sleep —it’s a wonderful way to induce a restful, restorative sleep.  Click here to learn Why Natural Earth Herbs Only Uses SunBreeze Oil & Balm

Natural Earth Herbs Calli Night Sunbreeze

Calli Night & SunBreeze Essential Oil the perfect nighttime routine.


Relax and Boost Brain Power Naturally with Call Tea:  CNN: Green Tea and Brain Power


Get Healthy Now.  Click to the following links to purchase Calli NightSunBreeze Essential Oil or SunBreeze Balm.

Calli Tea – Total Body Herbal Tea Cleanse

Calli Tea – The Total Body Herbal Cleanse.  Cleanse Your Body.  Heal Your Life.©  by Natural Earth Herbs


Calli® Cinnamon 10 Bags (0.08 oz./2.5 g each bag)

Calli Tea by Sunrider

Our environment (air, soil, food, plants and water) contain harsh chemicals, toxins and carcinogens.  Many foods and meats have been genetically modified and loaded with preservatives, additives, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.   We are constantly bombarded with substances that are destroying our mental and physical health.  These substances clog organs, damage cells and disrupt basic bodily functions.  The good new is that our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  In fact, they are constantly signaling us that they are overloaded.  These signals typically include headaches, constipation, bloating, gas, mental & physical fatigue, depression, insomnia, weight gain and cravings.  Sound familiar?  Once these signals turn to full alarms, it’s often too late.   Sunrider has designed a complement of products to help with the body’s natural healing processes.  Calli Tea and Fortune Delight Tea are an easy way to do just that.  Calli Tea and Fortune Delight Tea were both formulated to flush the major organs and restore overall health and vitality.

Taken daily, these herbal elixirs cleanse and nourish our organs and organ systems .


Drink Calli Tea every day to take charge of your health.

Calli Tea contains a concentrated, proprietary blend of herbs and plant extracts that provide an intense, nourishing cleanse.   Calli is also Alkaline and Non- GMO.  Calli targets the cardiovascular,  digestive, nervous and the immune systems.   It detoxifies the liver which is a primary organ that cleanses the bloodstream and detoxifies the body.  Calli also improves metabolism, boosts energy and enhances mental clarity.   Calli is a soothing, fast acting tea.  Many people notice an appreciable difference in their health within only a few weeks of use.   Most people report that their sugar, fast food, soda and caffeine cravings vanish within days of regularly drinking Calli Tea.

Calli Tea - an all natural, green tea elixir.

Calli Tea Ingredients:

Camellia Leaf is used to make green tea.  While many beverage manufacturers have recently “discovered” the various health advantages of drinking green tea, Camellia Leaf has been a staple of Chinese Herbal medicine for centuries.   Sunrider only uses the highest quality, non-GMO cultivated sources of Camellia leaf in Calli® tea.  For more than 20 years, the Camellia leaf in Calli teas contains one of the purest forms of antioxidants (catechins).Catechins are naturally occurring polyphenol chemicals found in Camellia sinensis, the primary ingredient in Calli® (and Fortune Delight®).   These antioxidants have been shown highly effective in supporting our cardiovascular system and eliminating harmful free radicals.  Free radicals damage cells, cause cancer and lead to premature aging.  Camellia also reduces hypertension and inflammation.   Camellia leaf also boosts the activity of white blood cells, which serves to protect the body against cell and tissue damage.

Perilla is a mint plant found in Asia and used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.   Perilla in Calli Tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system.  Institute for Traditional Medicine Institute for Traditional Medicine Perilla Leaf, Seed and Stem.

Mori (Mulberry) Bark Extract  is a rich source of vitamins and minerals that also has many healing properties.  It has diuretc agents that help the body naturally flush away toxins.   The water extract of Mori bark has been shown to kill of and eliminate tumor cells by inhibiting microtubule assembly.  National Center for Biotechnology Information Mori Extract and Cancer

Alisma Root  is an herb commonly used in Chinese medicine.  It helps to eliminate excess mucous and water, reduce bloating and fight infections.   Alisma root extract has been reported effective in the treatment of diabetes.  It has mild and safe diuretic that especially affect the kidney, bladder and urinary tract.  Alisma root is widely used in China and Japan.  AltMD – Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Imperate Root has healing antiviral, antibacterial and anti-arthritic properties. Imperate Root also helps reduce inflammation of the liver and kidneys.

Sunrider Guarantee – Calli Tea All Natural / Pure:  Calli Tea is an all-natural, non GMO herbal tea.   It is caffeine free and does not contain chemicals, flavors, sugars, preservatives or colors.

Directions:  Steep one Calli Tea bag in 16 ounces of hot water for three to five minutes. Then remove bag.   Start with a 4oz or 8 oz cup per day because Calli Tea is a powerful cleanser.  Some recommend drinking Calli Tea during the day to establish a routine.  Monitor your body during this time – elimination, energy levels, mental clarity to understand how your body is responding to Calli Tea.  Once your body’s response levels have been ascertained, you can adjust the concentration and amount.   I always add packet of Quinary Powder to each serving of Calli Tea.

Calli Tea Sampler by Sunrider

Calli Tea comes in 4  delicious flavors.  Try them all: Calli Regular Tea,  Calli Night Tea,  Calli Cnnamon Tea  Calli Mint

Benefits of Calli Tea:  Calli Tea is a Super Green tea elixir with powerful antioxidants, energy boosters and cleansers.

  • Contains concentrated Camellia Sinensis (green tea) that is loaded with catechins. These antioxidants eliminate cancer causing free radicals.
  • Calli Tea helps reduce and eliminate unhealthy food cravings
  • Increases mental clarity and focus
  • Cleanses Kidney and Liver.
  • Promotes immune, digestive and cardiovascular health
  • Calli tea contains Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Healthy, safe alternative to energy drinks and sugary, high calorie sodas.
  • No sugar, artificial sweetners, or chemicals.

Calli Tea Contraindications  Contraindications have not yet been identified.

Calli Tea for Pregnant/Lactating Moms   Information regarding safety and efficacy of Calli Tea in pregnancy and lactation is lacking.




NaturalEarthHerbs(Sunrider IBO) Doctors Debate Best Diets

Natural Earth Herbs recently viewed this video posted by Mind Body Green.   It features three physicians (Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Dr. Joel Kahn) debating the right ways to eat for optimal health.   Of course, we feel that Sunrider provides “Simply the Best”, all natural, non GMO products and fitness programs for any diet.  However, we also feel it’s important for our Sunrider family to know what’s going on in the market.   So we wanted to share this video to make sure our Sunriders stay educated and informed.


Mind Body Sugar, Gluten, Paleo, Vegan: 3 Doctors Debate The Best Way To Eat

Natural Earth Herbs (Sunrider IBO) shares this video

Sunrider Has Balanced Nutrition for Vegans and Vegetarians:  Farming practices over the years have depleted the soil of its nutrients.  As a result many the fruits, vegetables and herbs we eat lack essential vitamins  and minerals.   So while this video speaks to vegetarians and vegans, everyone must be concerned.  Remember, animals are also eating vegetables, plants and herbs from the same depleted soil.   In addition to poor agricultural practices, the commercial animal farming and fishing industries have raised serious concerns about the safety and quality of meat and seafood.    Sunrider wants to make sure that you’re eating the right combinations and amounts of food to get the complete nutritional profile your body needs. Sunrider has created a complement of food products, beverages and supplements that provide key nutrition for plant based diets.  Click the link below to watch Dr. Chen’s video.  Also, read the Natural Earth Herbs blog to learn more about which Sunrider products provide the best, balanced nutrition for plant based diets.

Natural Earth Herbs Blog Article: Sunrider Has Balanced Nutrition for Vegans & Vegetarians

Herb Cal Tab by Sunrider – Product Review

Herb Cal Tab – A Vital Source of Calcium for Every Stage of Life©   by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

What is Calcium & What Are Its Health Benefits

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body.  It is stored in our bones.  Perhaps that’s why most people associate calcium with having strong bones and teeth.  But calcium does a lot more.  It carries out a number of essential bodily functions,   It helps maintain a regular heartbeat, it helps your blood to clot, your muscles to contract, your nervous system to function and a myriad other essential processes. Calcium also helps your body absorb nutrients and prevent diseases.  It may also help lower blood pressure.

Herb Cal tab mined from Calcium rich sources

Herb Cal Tab mined from calcium rich sources in a proprietary herbal blend,

Click here to learn more about the health benefits of calcium. (article by San Francisco Chronicle –

Calcium & Bones

Virtually all of the calcium in the body, approximately 99%, is used to keep our skeletal system strong and healthy.

Throughout our lifetimes our bones are continuously regenerating, remodeling, aided by the constant reabsorption and deposition of calcium into new bone. The rate of calcium resorption and deposition changes with age. From infancy through adolescence, the rate of bone formation exceeds calcium reabsorption however in early and middle adulthood both processes are relatively equal. In seniors, especially postmenopausal women, bone degeneration rates surpass formation, resulting in bone loss that increases the risk of osteoporosis over time. National Institute of Health Calcium Fact Sheet

Other Resources:  US National Library of Medicine – Medline Plus Calcium and Bones;  Spine Health Calcium & Strong Bones

Calcium Deficiency

It is vital that we always maintain optimal levels of calcium.  When the body is calcium deficient, it draws stored calcium from the bones.  This calcium is then sent throughout the body to ensure basic muscle, nerve and cell functions continues.  The constant withdrawal of calcium from the bones lead to Osteoporosis – brittle bones and teeth.  Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, typically as a result of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D.   Again, Osteoporosis is also a sign that the other key bodily functions that calcium support may be compromised as well.

National Academies.Org Daily Recommended Calcium Intake

Daily Recommended Calcium Intake


National Institute of Health – Calcium Daily Recommended Values

Herb Cal Tab for every life stage

Herb Cal Tab – concentrated calcium for every life stage.


Herb Cal Tab Product FACT SHEET

Herbal Calcium – the name says it all.  Sunrider’s Herb Cal is an Herbal / plant based Calcium supplement that is formulated with three of the richest forms of calcium that provides a calcium dense nutrition profile. It contains herbal extracts, live enzymes and all natural Vitamin D2 for optimal absorption rates.  Each Herb Cal Tablet contains 250 mg of calcium.  This is 25% of the recommended daily value for most adults. See the above chart.   Herb Cal Tabs are chewable to aid absorption.


Sunrider Herb-Cal calcium vs other Calcium supplements.

Herb Cal Tab is  a wonderful way to get the calcium you need.  Sunrider takes great care to ensure that Herb Cal is sourced from the most nutrient dense forms of calcium available on earth.  Herb Cal is a rich blend of carbonate, citrate, and gluconate forms derived from fossilized coral.  Calcium from these sources are both wholesome and pure.  Calcium carbonate also contains the highest levels of elemental calcium, otherwise known as pure calcium. Herb Cal Tab also contains concentrated herbal extracts, enzymes, and Vitamin D2 to enhance absorption.

Most other brands of calcium are made from sea products like oyster shells, which may contain harmful substances like lead, mercury, arsenic and heavy metals.


Herb Cal Tab Chewable Calcium Supplements Nutrition Facts:

Herb-Cal tablets contain the following:

Dandelion is rich in calcium, and antioxidants like vitamin-C and Luteolin, which protect bones from age-related damage. According to Dandelion “Dandelion is also loaded with calcium in the form of healthy mineral salts, which quickly alkalinize acidic blood.”

Alfalfa is a wonderful herb that contains high levels of essential nutrients including, minerals like calcium, vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll, protein and other nutrients.

Vitamin D2 aids the body in absorbing calcium, iron and other minerals vital to optimal health.  Learn more about Vitamin D2 here.


Pineapple Enzyme Bromelain. Learn more about bromelain here.

Payaya Enzyme Papain Aids digestion Learn more about Papain here..

Flaxseed Oil also supports strong bones, teeth and nails.  Click here to learn more.

Herb Cal Tab Recommended Usage:

Serving Size: 1 tablet * Servings per container 90 * Carbohydrate 1g * Vitamin D2 40 IU *

Herb Cal® Tab 90 Tablets (1600 mg each tablet)

Herb Cal Tab by Sunrider

Plant Based Sources of Calcium:

Dr. Group’s Natural Health & Organic Living Blog – 11 Foods High In Calcium

World’s Healthiest Foods   Plant and Meat based sources of Calcium source of Calcium 14 Non Dairy Foods High in Calcium –

25 Vegan Sources of Calcium

Did you know that Bananas Boost Calcium Absorption?  Click this link to learn more about Bananas and Bones!



Why I Only Use SunBreeze Oil & Balm

My family and I only use SunBreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm.  Period.©  by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

SunBreeze Oil & Balm

SunBreeze Oil & SunBreeze Balm

SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm are analgesics.  Analgesics are topical agents that “relieve” or “kill” pain.  There are several topical pain relief products on the market. They typically come in gels, creams, rubs and sprays. The most common brands include Icy Hot, BenGay and SportsCreme. Topical pain relievers are massaged  directly onto the skin.  Massaging increases blood flow and stimulates the musicles and joints.  This allows the product to be absorbed deeper into the affected area (dermal absorption). Web MD Web Over the counter Pain Relief

Unfortunately, this caused me great concern.   Here’s why.


Dermal Absorption

SunBreeze provides quick, penetrating relief.

SunBreeze Oil & SunBreeze Balm penetrate quickly for deep, soothing relief.

Dermal absorption is the transport of a substance from the outer surface of the skin into deeper layers of the skin and the body. Studies show that our skin absorbs constantly, even without our awareness.  In some cases, the skin may represent the most significant exposure pathway.  Many commonly used chemicals in household and health & beauty products could potentially result in systemic toxicity if they penetrate through the skin. Then they enter the blood stream and cause health problems away from the original site of entry.

The rate of dermal absorption and affectation of other areas of the body depends on many factors.  The main factor is the epidermal or outer layer of the skin. The purpose of this layer is to a gatekeeper that prevents molecules from passing into and out of the skin, thus protecting the lower layers of skin and the bloodstream that feed the rest of the body.  The extent of absorption also depends on several factors including any existing skin allergies, infections, injuries, irritants and the overall health of the individual.

The more product that is applied and the longer that product applied causes long term absorption into the body.

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) CDC Dermal absorption

Mayo Clinic Arthritis Pain Treatments Absorbed through Skin


What’s in your skin 

Most over the counter health, beauty and medicinal products are not fully regulated by the FDA.  Manufactures are allowed to use ingredients and materials without the FDA’s review or approval. This means that you are being exposed to thousands of chemicals in everyday products.  Many of these ingredients are carcinogens and contaminants that can be harmful and even deadly to humans.  These ingredients can affect reproductive health and the health of an unborn child.

Learn more here about toxic health and beauty products here:

Huffington Post Dangerous Beauty Products

Safe Chemicals of Concern 

Watch List – Irritants to avoid for infants


So here’s why I only use SunBreeze Essential Oil & Balm:  

Simple. The Ingredients in SunBreeze are better than any other products.

Soothing SunBreeze balm.

All natural SunBreeze Balm has soothing health benefits.

SunBreeze is made from a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are hand cultivated and carefully processed by Sunrider.   Sunrider owns the manufacturing facilities and oversees the entire process with strict quality controls throughout.   This ensures that the final product maintains the superior quality and life essence of the herbs and plants. It also ensures that SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm products remain potent, safe and pure.SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm are made with organic ingredients like Mint extract, Cassia (Chinese Evergreen Tree – Cinnamon) and Eucalyptus Oil.  These botanicals have been used for hundreds of thousands of years, especially in ancient Chinese cultures, to treat and relieve painful muscle and joint ailments; alleviate arthritic pain, soothe the mind, relieve tension headaches and stress; and, calm the body and the soul.

SunBreeze Oil is Safe and Effective

SunBreeze is highly effective and will not cause adverse effects.   It promises only pure, powerful pain relief designed to heal and restore the entire body naturally.

SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm are Simply the Best


Natural Earth Nursery “Mommy’s Corner”:

Is SunBreeze Oil safe for my child or baby?

Essential oils are highly concentrated and can be harsh even for adults.  Babies and children have delicate skin that may be super sensitive to such products.  Avoid using SunBreeze Oil and Balm on children under 2 years of age.   Always consult your doctor before using oils on your child or yourself during pregnancy.   Here are a few resources for more information.   National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy – Safety Info Essential Oils  Hippy Homemaker “Safe Essential Oil Use for Children & Babies”   Young Essential Oils in the Nursery


SunBreeze Oil & SunBreeze Balm Common Uses:

  • Aromatherapy: calms the nerves
  • Sends soothing relief to tired, sore and sprained muscles and joints.
  • Arthritis relief
  • Great for the gym, yoga or other exercise regimens.
  • Massage on tired feet, shoulders and the neck
  • Relieves tension.
  • Relaxation before sleep: add a few drops to bath water and on linens.  Soothe the oil or balm on the temples or forhead for relaxation throughout the day and before sleep.

The SunBreeze Oil  Balm guarantee:

  • All natural, herbal formula not chemicals
  • Light, soothing herbal scent
  • Fast Acting, Long Lasting
  • Smooth and non Greasy

Sunrider Fitness Brigade: Get Fit Now!

Sunrider Fitness Brigade: Get Fit Now!© by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

Hey there Sunriders!  

Sunrider’s Fitness Brigade and Sunfit Program are the perfect tools for family and friends who want to get in shape.  I should know! My brothers and I are total Sunriders!   We recently participated in the NYC TD 5 Boro Bike Tour.  Last summer, we climbed Mt. Sinai with our dad.  We’ve journeyed deep into pyramids, swam in the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Persian Gulf, explored the great Wall of China…  You name it, we’ve probably done it.  We are always traveling around the world together, doing something adventurous because we honestly just love to get out and play as a family!  Like most habits, our active, healthy lifestyles were formed in childhood.  Our parents loved to travel and they loved to play.   We were also lucky to have grown up in southern California.  Not only did we enjoy amazing weather year round but we also had great beaches, pools, parks, hiking trails and deserts.  That meant we were always outside –  playing!   Our street was also a magical place there were a ton of us kids and we’d roller skate, ride bikes, skateboard, play kickball, baseball, tag, freeze tag, you name it.     Another bonus of living in southern California was having the mountains close by.  So when our “California” winter hit, we hit the slopes for snow sports.  As my brother and I reminisced about the “good old days”, we realized one constant: Family and Friends. Some of my fondest memories are my dad holding the handle bars steady as I learned to ride my bike; and, my mom taking the neighborhood kids, in our camper, to the local pool for summer night swims and the block party we once had where the adults competed against the kids.   Exercising together was a great bonding activity that has kept our families, our neighbors and our communities close.  Even today, the strongest families and friends we have are those that not only prayed together but played together. My family’s bond and our continued commitment to health and exercise definitely started at home!  

Apparently, both Sunrider and science agree!  Dr. Reuben Chen, MD, talks about the importance of combining family time with fitness time.  It’s a win-win for everyone’s health, young and old.  It reinforces family bonds and helps children (of all ages) develop a positive attitude toward healthy living.   We think that you’ll also find the Sunrider Fitness Brigade Exercise System and the Sunrider Sunfit Program Set to be great additions to your family’s fitness program.  It provides an all-in-one workout that the entire family can use to get in great shape, bond and have fun together!  Remember family is what you make it so invite friends, colleagues and co-workers to join the Sunrider Fitness fun this spring,   Watch this Sunrider Fit Tip video and start now building lifelong bonds and memories; and, healthy lifestyle values that you and your family will cherish forever.  And remember to track your progress with your own Sunrider Fitness Journal.




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Fortune Delight Packs Healthy Hydration

Fortune Delight Packs Healthy Hydration©  by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

Sweat is a great sign that your heart’s pumping and your’e in your “fat burning zone.”   It’s also a great sign that you’re flushing out nasty toxins from your system.

Unfortunately, it’s also a “great” sign that you’re losing essential fluids and electrolytes

Fortune Delight: Packed with Antioxidants and Healthy Hydration.   

In this Sunrider Fitness installment, Dr. Reuben Chen talks about the benefits of Fortune Delight.   According to Sunrider, one benefit is the fact that this amazing herbal beverage is not just a tea.  Sunrider asserts that it is an organic, whole food elixir that is loaded with tons of antioxidants for super, “healthy” hydration.   Whether you’re into extreme sports and strenuous workouts or prefer a lighter fitness regimen, Fortune Delight can help. The tea leaves, flowers and extracts in Fortune Delight are cultivated at the height of their life cycle when the botanicals are bursting with nutrients and vital chi energy.  Next, these concentrated whole food packets are formulated with owner expertise to ensure your body has all the essential vitamins, micronutrients, electrolytes, antioxidants it needs.  All Sunrider beverages are naturally hydrating, delicious and refreshing.  Plus, Sunrider guarantees its products will never contain chemicals, stimulants, fat, cholesterol, artificial colors or sweeteners

Fortune Delight: Hydrate, replenish and regenerate.

Fortune Delight: Hydrate, replenish, regenerate.

Benefits of Tea Catechins – Concentrated Green Tea Antioxidants:

Per Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Sunrider International Founder and Owner,  the benefits of tea catechins and polyphenols in Fortune Delight are greater than other beverages, including green tea.   He states that “the problem with regular tea is that catechins don’t dissolve in water very well.  Also, if you put tea in water, the water dilutes the tea and you won’t get the full benefits.”  Fortunately, Fortune Delight is no ordinary tea!   It’s an amazing health food in a glass.   These teas are specially processed by concentrating the tea  botanicals so the rich polyphenols remain effective even when water is added.  My workout crew and I always finish our routines with a shaker bottle of Fortune Delight made with ionized water.   We also add a packet of Quinary Powder to our tea for a total body boost of nutrition.   Fortune Delight comes in a variety of tea-licious flavors.  They are also a healthy alternative to sugary fruit juices, sodas  and sports drinks.    Check out the video below to learn how Sunrider teas, supplements and beverages complement your weight-loss or fitness program.  And as always let us know what you think!.

Dr. Reuben Chen Fortune Delight Packs Healthy Hydration

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Fortune Delight® Regular 10/20 g Packs (0.70 oz./20 g each bag)

Fortune Delight by Sunrider

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