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Kandesn® Smooth Shave by Sunrider® – Net Wt. 2 oz./60 g


Sunrider® knows you’ll feel the difference the moment this light, herbal after shave touches your skin. Kandesn® After Shave is the all-natural alternative to harsh and abrasive skin bracers. It helps to tone and tighten skin with a gentle herbal formula.

Kandesn® After Shave combines herbal extracts, amino acids, natural oils, and emollients in a unique formula to freshen and hydrate the skin. Because of its superior formulation, Kandesn® After Shave is the best alternative to other brands of harsh stinging after shaves made with inferior ingredients.

Apply Kandesn® After Shave liberally to face after shaving or as desired.

Kandesn® Smooth Shave provides a rich lather for a close, even shave without giving you razor burn. Rich in herbs and soothing emollients, pH-balanced Kandesn® Smooth Shave won’t dry out your skin. It works with—not against—the skin, so you don’t irritate skin.

Due to harsh ingredients commonly found in shaving creams and the abrasive action of razors, men’s skin often tends to break out where they have facial hair. Sunrider owner expertise ensures that you get a close and comfortable shave, because our formula moisturizes and soothes.


Wet the face. Apply a pearl-sized amount of Kandesn® Smooth Shave to fingertips. Rub into face until lather builds. Shave and rinse.

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