Sunrider Legends JW & Lois Emerson recount their Sunrider Journey – by JW & Lois Emerson

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     Our journey to Sunrider Herbal Foods carried us down many paths.  For 16 years J.W. searched for the right combination of foods to regenerate my health, with no results.  Hear J.W. tell the story . . .  

        “In 1989 I was still coaching, as well as teaching a class of sophomores.  One of my students was originally from Viet Nam.  I asked him if he would like to go back to Nam for a visit.  He said, “Yes, I would like to see my Grandparents.”  I asked how old they were.  The young man answered, “Oh, over 100 years old.”  So I asked, “What do they eat?”  He answered, “They eat Herbs.”  That was the first time I had heard of herbs.  So, I said non-verbally, “Where are the herbs?”  

Ask!  Seek!  Find!  The first information about herbs came to me very soon from India – Ayurvedic medicinal herbs.  It was too complicated, different herbs for different people, not what I wanted.   Two or three weeks later, a brochure came in the mail from a man in Texas, boasting about how much money he earned.  That was not what I was searching for – I was searching for health!  I headed for the trash to throw it away, but the brochure wouldn’t leave my hand.  As I turned it over to the back side, I noticed there was information about Chinese Herbs.  Food Grade Herbs, highly concentrated, grown without pesticides, packaged without preservatives.  I argued with myself for three weeks before making a decision to order the Sunrider Chinese Herbs from the man in Texas.  I sent $185 to a man I didn’t know for a product I had never heard of.  However, the principles were right.  Lois didn’t know I had ordered it and when it came I said, “We’re going to eat this for six months.  I hope we live!”  That was March 1,1990, eating NuPlus and Quinary, drinking Calli with Sunectar . . . and we did live!!  

The first photo below in our ‘Journey to Regeneration’ was taken eight months later in October 1990 at our first Sunrider Conference.  We say we have ‘grown younger together’ instead of older!  Did we intend to share Sunrider? No!  But people continually asked how we had changed so much and I finally told someone.  The opportunity to bless others with our good fortune means a great deal to us.  The answer to prayer led to where we are today twenty-nine wonderful years later!  We are grateful to God for our blessings of both physical and financial health.”  

Wasn’t that a great story!  Sometimes God answers with just one word – likeHERBS!  And, J.W. searched because he wanted to keep me around!  Or else, you know, who would wash the dishes!!  

Many blessings . . . J.W. & Lois (reprinted with permission)

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