Sunrider: From Fat & Flabby to Fit & Fabulous

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Sunrider: From Fat & Flabby to Fit & Fabulous

Are You “Size Fat?”  Then Get Fit with Sunrider!

Go from Fat to Fit with Sunrider!

Go from Fat to Fit with Sunrider!

Move over S, M, L and even XL.  There’s a new label in town and it’s FAT!

We shouldn’t be surprised.   Be Honest.   Over time, our fat, bloated, toxic bodies have outstretched our clothing size and our budget.  The fat has also put a serious strain on our physical and mental health.   Thankfully, Sunrider has a full line of real solutions that go beyond diet & exercise.

The Sunrider “Diet” – Whole Food. Balanced Nutrition

Solutions that are all-natural, Non GMO and plant based.   Sunrider has studied the body and the herbs that work best to maintain optimal health.  Dr. Tei-Fu Chen  and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen have meticulously designed a full line of herbal teas, foods and plant supplements to flush out the fat and fuel in the healing foods your body desperately needs.

SunTrim+ Works in just 30 Minutes!

SunTrim+ Works in just 30 Minutes!


The Sunrider Exercise Program – Fitness That Works

Dr. Reuben Chen developed the Fitness Brigade is a step-by-step work out regimen that aids with cellular regeneration,  toxin elimination, muscle tone and strength and so much more.  Sunrider is with you every step of the way to help you go from fat & flabby to fit & fabulous!

Flabby & Fat to Fit with SunFit® Program Set Duo

SunFit® Program Set Duo


The result is a highly efficient body with balanced organ, tissue and energy systems operating at optimal levels.   Fat cannot live in a such a clean, lean Sunrider Machine!

Get Fit Now with Sunrider!

Sunrider Sunfit Program Set Duo

Sunrider Sunfit Program Set

Sunrider Sunfit Pack

Sunrider SunTrim Plus 50 Capsules


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