Calli Tea – Total Body Herbal Tea Cleanse

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Calli Tea – The Total Body Herbal Cleanse.  Cleanse Your Body.  Heal Your Life.©  by Natural Earth Herbs


Calli® Cinnamon 10 Bags (0.08 oz./2.5 g each bag)

Calli Tea by Sunrider

Our environment (air, soil, food, plants and water) contain harsh chemicals, toxins and carcinogens.  Many foods and meats have been genetically modified and loaded with preservatives, additives, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils.   We are constantly bombarded with substances that are destroying our mental and physical health.  These substances clog organs, damage cells and disrupt basic bodily functions.  The good new is that our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  In fact, they are constantly signaling us that they are overloaded.  These signals typically include headaches, constipation, bloating, gas, mental & physical fatigue, depression, insomnia, weight gain and cravings.  Sound familiar?  Once these signals turn to full alarms, it’s often too late.   Sunrider has designed a complement of products to help with the body’s natural healing processes.  Calli Tea and Fortune Delight Tea are an easy way to do just that.  Calli Tea and Fortune Delight Tea were both formulated to flush the major organs and restore overall health and vitality.

Taken daily, these herbal elixirs cleanse and nourish our organs and organ systems .


Drink Calli Tea every day to take charge of your health.

Calli Tea contains a concentrated, proprietary blend of herbs and plant extracts that provide an intense, nourishing cleanse.   Calli is also Alkaline and Non- GMO.  Calli targets the cardiovascular,  digestive, nervous and the immune systems.   It detoxifies the liver which is a primary organ that cleanses the bloodstream and detoxifies the body.  Calli also improves metabolism, boosts energy and enhances mental clarity.   Calli is a soothing, fast acting tea.  Many people notice an appreciable difference in their health within only a few weeks of use.   Most people report that their sugar, fast food, soda and caffeine cravings vanish within days of regularly drinking Calli Tea.

Calli Tea - an all natural, green tea elixir.

Calli Tea Ingredients:

Camellia Leaf is used to make green tea.  While many beverage manufacturers have recently “discovered” the various health advantages of drinking green tea, Camellia Leaf has been a staple of Chinese Herbal medicine for centuries.   Sunrider only uses the highest quality, non-GMO cultivated sources of Camellia leaf in Calli® tea.  For more than 20 years, the Camellia leaf in Calli teas contains one of the purest forms of antioxidants (catechins).Catechins are naturally occurring polyphenol chemicals found in Camellia sinensis, the primary ingredient in Calli® (and Fortune Delight®).   These antioxidants have been shown highly effective in supporting our cardiovascular system and eliminating harmful free radicals.  Free radicals damage cells, cause cancer and lead to premature aging.  Camellia also reduces hypertension and inflammation.   Camellia leaf also boosts the activity of white blood cells, which serves to protect the body against cell and tissue damage.

Perilla is a mint plant found in Asia and used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine.   Perilla in Calli Tea has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in vitamin C which supports a healthy immune system.  Institute for Traditional Medicine Institute for Traditional Medicine Perilla Leaf, Seed and Stem.

Mori (Mulberry) Bark Extract  is a rich source of vitamins and minerals that also has many healing properties.  It has diuretc agents that help the body naturally flush away toxins.   The water extract of Mori bark has been shown to kill of and eliminate tumor cells by inhibiting microtubule assembly.  National Center for Biotechnology Information Mori Extract and Cancer

Alisma Root  is an herb commonly used in Chinese medicine.  It helps to eliminate excess mucous and water, reduce bloating and fight infections.   Alisma root extract has been reported effective in the treatment of diabetes.  It has mild and safe diuretic that especially affect the kidney, bladder and urinary tract.  Alisma root is widely used in China and Japan.  AltMD – Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Imperate Root has healing antiviral, antibacterial and anti-arthritic properties. Imperate Root also helps reduce inflammation of the liver and kidneys.

Sunrider Guarantee – Calli Tea All Natural / Pure:  Calli Tea is an all-natural, non GMO herbal tea.   It is caffeine free and does not contain chemicals, flavors, sugars, preservatives or colors.

Directions:  Steep one Calli Tea bag in 16 ounces of hot water for three to five minutes. Then remove bag.   Start with a 4oz or 8 oz cup per day because Calli Tea is a powerful cleanser.  Some recommend drinking Calli Tea during the day to establish a routine.  Monitor your body during this time – elimination, energy levels, mental clarity to understand how your body is responding to Calli Tea.  Once your body’s response levels have been ascertained, you can adjust the concentration and amount.   I always add packet of Quinary Powder to each serving of Calli Tea.

Calli Tea Sampler by Sunrider

Calli Tea comes in 4  delicious flavors.  Try them all: Calli Regular Tea,  Calli Night Tea,  Calli Cnnamon Tea  Calli Mint

Benefits of Calli Tea:  Calli Tea is a Super Green tea elixir with powerful antioxidants, energy boosters and cleansers.

  • Contains concentrated Camellia Sinensis (green tea) that is loaded with catechins. These antioxidants eliminate cancer causing free radicals.
  • Calli Tea helps reduce and eliminate unhealthy food cravings
  • Increases mental clarity and focus
  • Cleanses Kidney and Liver.
  • Promotes immune, digestive and cardiovascular health
  • Calli tea contains Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Healthy, safe alternative to energy drinks and sugary, high calorie sodas.
  • No sugar, artificial sweetners, or chemicals.

Calli Tea Contraindications  Contraindications have not yet been identified.

Calli Tea for Pregnant/Lactating Moms   Information regarding safety and efficacy of Calli Tea in pregnancy and lactation is lacking.