Why I Only Use SunBreeze Oil & Balm

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My family and I only use SunBreeze Oil and Sunbreeze Balm.  Period.©  by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

SunBreeze Oil & Balm

SunBreeze Oil & SunBreeze Balm

SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm are analgesics.  Analgesics are topical agents that “relieve” or “kill” pain.  There are several topical pain relief products on the market. They typically come in gels, creams, rubs and sprays. The most common brands include Icy Hot, BenGay and SportsCreme. Topical pain relievers are massaged  directly onto the skin.  Massaging increases blood flow and stimulates the musicles and joints.  This allows the product to be absorbed deeper into the affected area (dermal absorption). Web MD Web MD.com Over the counter Pain Relief

Unfortunately, this caused me great concern.   Here’s why.


Dermal Absorption

SunBreeze provides quick, penetrating relief.

SunBreeze Oil & SunBreeze Balm penetrate quickly for deep, soothing relief.

Dermal absorption is the transport of a substance from the outer surface of the skin into deeper layers of the skin and the body. Studies show that our skin absorbs constantly, even without our awareness.  In some cases, the skin may represent the most significant exposure pathway.  Many commonly used chemicals in household and health & beauty products could potentially result in systemic toxicity if they penetrate through the skin. Then they enter the blood stream and cause health problems away from the original site of entry.

The rate of dermal absorption and affectation of other areas of the body depends on many factors.  The main factor is the epidermal or outer layer of the skin. The purpose of this layer is to a gatekeeper that prevents molecules from passing into and out of the skin, thus protecting the lower layers of skin and the bloodstream that feed the rest of the body.  The extent of absorption also depends on several factors including any existing skin allergies, infections, injuries, irritants and the overall health of the individual.

The more product that is applied and the longer that product applied causes long term absorption into the body.

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) CDC Dermal absorption

Mayo Clinic Arthritis Pain Treatments Absorbed through Skin


What’s in your skin 

Most over the counter health, beauty and medicinal products are not fully regulated by the FDA.  Manufactures are allowed to use ingredients and materials without the FDA’s review or approval. This means that you are being exposed to thousands of chemicals in everyday products.  Many of these ingredients are carcinogens and contaminants that can be harmful and even deadly to humans.  These ingredients can affect reproductive health and the health of an unborn child.

Learn more here about toxic health and beauty products here:

Huffington Post Dangerous Beauty Products

Safe Cosmetics.org Chemicals of Concern 

Watch List – Irritants to avoid for infants


So here’s why I only use SunBreeze Essential Oil & Balm:  

Simple. The Ingredients in SunBreeze are better than any other products.

Soothing SunBreeze balm.

All natural SunBreeze Balm has soothing health benefits.

SunBreeze is made from a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients. These ingredients are hand cultivated and carefully processed by Sunrider.   Sunrider owns the manufacturing facilities and oversees the entire process with strict quality controls throughout.   This ensures that the final product maintains the superior quality and life essence of the herbs and plants. It also ensures that SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm products remain potent, safe and pure.SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm are made with organic ingredients like Mint extract, Cassia (Chinese Evergreen Tree – Cinnamon) and Eucalyptus Oil.  These botanicals have been used for hundreds of thousands of years, especially in ancient Chinese cultures, to treat and relieve painful muscle and joint ailments; alleviate arthritic pain, soothe the mind, relieve tension headaches and stress; and, calm the body and the soul.

SunBreeze Oil is Safe and Effective

SunBreeze is highly effective and will not cause adverse effects.   It promises only pure, powerful pain relief designed to heal and restore the entire body naturally.

SunBreeze Oil and SunBreeze Balm are Simply the Best


Natural Earth Nursery “Mommy’s Corner”:

Is SunBreeze Oil safe for my child or baby?

Essential oils are highly concentrated and can be harsh even for adults.  Babies and children have delicate skin that may be super sensitive to such products.  Avoid using SunBreeze Oil and Balm on children under 2 years of age.   Always consult your doctor before using oils on your child or yourself during pregnancy.   Here are a few resources for more information.   National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy – Safety Info Essential Oils  Hippy Homemaker “Safe Essential Oil Use for Children & Babies”   Young Living.com Essential Oils in the Nursery


SunBreeze Oil & SunBreeze Balm Common Uses:

  • Aromatherapy: calms the nerves
  • Sends soothing relief to tired, sore and sprained muscles and joints.
  • Arthritis relief
  • Great for the gym, yoga or other exercise regimens.
  • Massage on tired feet, shoulders and the neck
  • Relieves tension.
  • Relaxation before sleep: add a few drops to bath water and on linens.  Soothe the oil or balm on the temples or forhead for relaxation throughout the day and before sleep.

The SunBreeze Oil  Balm guarantee:

  • All natural, herbal formula not chemicals
  • Light, soothing herbal scent
  • Fast Acting, Long Lasting
  • Smooth and non Greasy