Sunrider Fitness Brigade: Get Fit Now!

19th May, 2016 / Fitness, Health, Women's Health /

Sunrider Fitness Brigade: Get Fit Now!© by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

Hey there Sunriders!  

Sunrider’s Fitness Brigade and Sunfit Program are the perfect tools for family and friends who want to get in shape.  I should know! My brothers and I are total Sunriders!   We recently participated in the NYC TD 5 Boro Bike Tour.  Last summer, we climbed Mt. Sinai with our dad.  We’ve journeyed deep into pyramids, swam in the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and the Persian Gulf, explored the great Wall of China…  You name it, we’ve probably done it.  We are always traveling around the world together, doing something adventurous because we honestly just love to get out and play as a family!  Like most habits, our active, healthy lifestyles were formed in childhood.  Our parents loved to travel and they loved to play.   We were also lucky to have grown up in southern California.  Not only did we enjoy amazing weather year round but we also had great beaches, pools, parks, hiking trails and deserts.  That meant we were always outside –  playing!   Our street was also a magical place there were a ton of us kids and we’d roller skate, ride bikes, skateboard, play kickball, baseball, tag, freeze tag, you name it.     Another bonus of living in southern California was having the mountains close by.  So when our “California” winter hit, we hit the slopes for snow sports.  As my brother and I reminisced about the “good old days”, we realized one constant: Family and Friends. Some of my fondest memories are my dad holding the handle bars steady as I learned to ride my bike; and, my mom taking the neighborhood kids, in our camper, to the local pool for summer night swims and the block party we once had where the adults competed against the kids.   Exercising together was a great bonding activity that has kept our families, our neighbors and our communities close.  Even today, the strongest families and friends we have are those that not only prayed together but played together. My family’s bond and our continued commitment to health and exercise definitely started at home!  

Apparently, both Sunrider and science agree!  Dr. Reuben Chen, MD, talks about the importance of combining family time with fitness time.  It’s a win-win for everyone’s health, young and old.  It reinforces family bonds and helps children (of all ages) develop a positive attitude toward healthy living.   We think that you’ll also find the Sunrider Fitness Brigade Exercise System and the Sunrider Sunfit Program Set to be great additions to your family’s fitness program.  It provides an all-in-one workout that the entire family can use to get in great shape, bond and have fun together!  Remember family is what you make it so invite friends, colleagues and co-workers to join the Sunrider Fitness fun this spring,   Watch this Sunrider Fit Tip video and start now building lifelong bonds and memories; and, healthy lifestyle values that you and your family will cherish forever.  And remember to track your progress with your own Sunrider Fitness Journal.




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