Fuel Your Fitness with VitaShake, NuPlus and Metabalance 44

17th May, 2016 / Fitness, Health, Quinary, VitaShake /

Fuel Your Fitness with VitaShake, NuPlus and Metabalance 44 © by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

Hello Sunriders!!

  With summer just around the corner, many of you are turning up your fitness regimen to regain that perfect body. Unfortunately, if you’re not properly fueling your workout, you could be doing more harm than good.  You won’t meet your weight loss goals and worse, you could be depleting your body of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other vital nutrients.

pexels-photo-29353-mediumIn this video “Optimal Nutrition for a Fitness Regimen”, Sunrider’s own Dr. Reuben Chen, MD which foods best support  good health and fuel fitness success.  You’ll also learn what is considered the optimal daily diet, including the important role macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbohydrates) play in the body.  You can rest assured that Sunrider products like Sunrider’s VitaShake, Sunrider’s Sunbar, Sunrider’s NuPlus, Sunrider’s Metabalance 44 pack all of the critical nutrients you’ll need to fuel your fitness regimen for optimum results and optimal health.   Plus, these yummy Sunrider product pack huge taste.  They come in a variety of flavors so, even though I have my favorites, I’m always switching things up.    I love creating my own recipes and there’s nothing better than an icy cold glass of VitaShake Strawberry blended with a handful of fresh strawberries, sweet blueberries , frozen bananas and crushed ice.  I add a packet of Sunrider Quinary Powder and a tablespoon of Spirulina for extra nutrition.    My brother’s VitaShake Cocoa blend  is equally delicious with frozen bananas, fresh kale, tangy raspberries, Quinary Powder and, THANKS to our dad, real coconut water from real coconuts!

On Sundays, I always take Sunbars with me because my 6AM hiking crew can’t get enough, especially mid-way through a climb when your body is desperate for energy.   So whether  I’m hiking in Sedona, AZ, biking along Manhattan Beach, CA, jogging along the Hudson River in NYC or just power-walking around the neighborhood, from coast to coast, I love having Sunrider as a partner on my fitness journey.   And I hope you will, too!

So watch the video, try these delicious Sunrider products and let me know what you think!

Optimal Nutrition for Your Fitness Regimen

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