Sunrider Bella: A Must for Women over 40

7th April, 2016 / Bella, Fitness, Health, Women's Health /

Sunrider Bella for Balance, Beauty and Well-Being during Menopause© by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO


Bella restores youth, beauty and vitality.

Think diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  Well think again.  Mature women, those age 40 and over, who are defying age and redefining beauty, are looking for something with a lot more substance to live richer, more vibrant and meaningful  lives.  Many of these women have achieved great career success, given to their communities and raised outstanding families.  As they age, they want a balance life that allows them to still have it all.   With the growing number of supplements, surgeries and scams on the market, a  lot of women are simply confused.  Still, most women really want to find the right products at the right price to maintain their beauty, peace of mind and overall well-being.  The well informed woman knows it all starts with a natural health regimen – inside & out.  And Sunrider has the perfect first step.  Inspired by the Latin word for “beautiful,”  Bella is Sunrider’s flagship supplement for women.  It has a unique blend of herbs and plants that work in unison with the body’s natural processes to balance energy and promote feelings of serenity and calm focus for women of all ages.  This amazing supplement is an all-natural herbal blend that Sunrider specially formulated to help women over 40 through the myriad physical and mental changes that come with menopause.   Like all Sunrider products, Bella does not contain synthetic or animal hormones, chemicals, preservatives, colors, additives or other harsh ingredients that your body cannot tolerate especially during menopause.

Bella® is also formulated to do so much more than relieve symptoms of menopause.  It supports overall beauty, balances energy, boosts metabolism and aids weight loss.  It also helps you look and feel radiant! And it does so without any additives, preservatives, chemicals, sugars or other ingredients found in similar products.   Bella is definitely a girl’s best friend.

Want to learn more?  In this video, Dr. Chen discusses more of wonderful the benefits of Bella. 


If you’re ready, Sunrider can help you restore your natural radiance and beauty right now!  Click here to purchase Bella 50 Capsules (550 mg each capsule) now.


Bella® 50 Capsules (550 mg each capsule)

Bella by Sunrider.

Ingredients:  Bella contains an exclusive blend of Pueraria Root, Barrenwort Leaf, Marsh Parsley Leaf, White Cornel Leaf, Red Clover, Chinese Ginseng Root, Japanese Dodder Seed and Dong Quai