Sunrider Balanced Nutrition for Vegetarians & Vegans

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Balanced Nutrition for Vegetarians & Vegans:  For various reasons, from advancing their own health to respecting animal life, many people are eliminating meat and animal derived products, like milk and cheese, from their diets.   However, meat and animal products are rich in the complete protein, fat and energy profiles our bodies need for optimum health.  Removing meat and dairy products from your diet without adding the right plant based profiles can lead to serious health problems.   However, Sunrider is here to help.  In this vide Dr. Reuben Chen first explains the differences between of vegetarian, fish and other plant-based diets.  He then discusses why vegetarians (especially vegans) need a balanced diet that includes sufficient amounts of iron, protein, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids—nutrients that are plentiful in dairy and meat sources.  Dr. Reuben Chen also discusses how Sunrider provides a convenient way for vegetarians get all the required nutrients with Sunrider’s premium-quality, plant-based foods, beverages, and supplements like Sunrider VitaSpray, Ctric C, Spirulina, Metabalance44, Herb Cal Tab, VitaShake  Strawberry, Vitashake CocoaNuPlus Simply Herbs and SunBars.

So let’s get started,  Watch this video  Sunrider Balanced Nutrition for Vegetarians & Vegans to learn more about vegetarian, vegan and fish based diets.  Let Sunrider help you and your loved ones stay healthy and fit for life


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