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31st March, 2016 / Health, Quinary /

 Quinary for Optimal, Total Body Health & Balance© by Natural Earth Herbs Sunrider IBO

Quinary for total body balance

Quinary is formulated to restore the entire body – easily & naturally!

Ancient cultures understood that maximum Chi energy flow was necessary for optimal health, cellular regeneration and youthful vitality.   Energy flows best when our organs are nourished with whole, nutrient-rich foods. Thus many ancient African and Chinese cultures created formulas designed to nourish our Five Major organ systems (endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and liver/immune systems). The Chinese system, based on the Yin & Yang philosophy of positive and negative energies, is designed to keep the organs and the flow of life energy in perfect, harmonious balance. A body in perfect balance is self-adjusting, self healing and self-regulating because the organs are communicating perfectly with one another, to cleanse, heal, nourish and replenish the entire body.

Dr. Chen learned of the Chinese practice of quinary (whole body system healing) from his grandfather. Steeped in three thousand year old traditions, Dr. Chen created Sunrider’s Quinary Powder and Quinary Capsules as a convenient way for us to keep the body’s 5 Major Systems well nourished and balanced. Quinary is a distinct blend of Sunrider’s most powerful healing and nourishing herbal formulas.

Quinary combines Sunrider Alpha 20C® for the Immune / Defense system (liver, gall bladder); Sunrider Assimilaid® for the Digestive system (stomach, spleen, pancreas); Sunrider Conco® for the Respiratory system (lungs, large intestines, skin); Sunrider Lifestream® for the Circulatory system (kidney, bladder); and, Sunrider Prime Again® for the Endocrine System (heart and small intestines). Quinary is formulated with 50 concentrated nutrient-dense herbs and extracts which together promote balance, synergy, harmony and communication among the 5 major systems of the body.  is formulated to heal the body’s systems both collectively and individually – when all systems are well-nourished and working in sync Chi energy flows effortlessly at optimal levels. Taken daily Quinary provides sustained maintenance to prevent physical malfunctions that can be caused by environmental toxins and stressors.

So shake off winter sluggishness  with Quinary the optimal blend of Sunrider products for nourishing, regenerating and rebalancing your entire body everyday.

Dissolve  Quinary® package into 8 ounces of water and drink as tea at mealtimes or take 1 Quinary capsule at mealtimes.

Quinary® 100 Capsules (500 mg each capsule)

Quinary Powder & Capsules by Sunrider

Sunrider does not give medical advice or make medical claims. Always consult your physician if you have questions about taking Quinary®